How much time do you or your installers waste on:
  • Pipe with pinholes?
  • Contaminates causing roughness inside or outside the pipe?
  • Fittings falling off one time and having to be hammered on the next?
  • Pipe that cracks easily?
  • Pipe with thin or uneven walls?
  • Cemented fittings coming apart from pipe?
  • Attic heat causing the pipe to sag?
  • Having to sort the vacuum pipe because one lot is good and the next is bad?

Why choose FlowMax Gold - Premium Central Vacuum Pipe?
Much of the vacuum pipe on the market is made from ground up plastic scrap products and other recycled plastics. This scrap often contains metal, dirt and other contamination as well as foreign, non-PVC plastics that have no business being in vacuum pipe. By it's nature, this ground up scrap can cause pin holes, rough surfaces where the foreign contamination comes through, poor glue joints where the PVC cement can't melt non-PVC materials and varying walls as the density of the scrap going into the extruder varies.

Our FlowMax Gold, on the other hand, is made only of 100 percent pure virgin PVC powder. This means no scrap, no added materials and no possibility of contamination. Using our high-quality PVC powder and our proprietary precision extrusion tooling, we produce a vacuum pipe that installers can instantly tell is superior. You get a pure PVC pipe with uniform walls that fit and glue to your fittings like a dream - every time.

Try our Socket End Vacuum Pipe:
Socket End FlowMax Gold is an API innovation. We make a specially designed socket formed on one end of the pipe that has a two-inch depth. This socket provides a superior area for a sturdy bond between the FlowMax Gold pieces.

Armed with just one 5 foot box of our Socket End pipe and a can of PVC cement, you can make a vacuum tube that is almost to 120 foot long. This is especially helpful when you’re working in tight areas like an attic or crawl space. While this product isn’t for every application, we’ve already had one installer that stopped buying our 8’ pipe and is only using the Socket End Smart Pack for the sheer convenience of it.
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1VACU0001 N/A 8' Straight N/A 48 N/A 10 N/A 8' N/A 3840'
1VACU0002 N/A 10' Straight N/A 48 N/A 10 N/A 10' N/A 4800'
1VACU0015 N/A 5' Straight N/A 16 N/A 25 N/A 4' 9" N/A 1958.4'
1VACU0023 N/A 5' With Socket End N/A 16 N/A 25 N/A 4' 9" N/A 1958.4'