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  • DuraCoreImage

    DuraCores are extremely tough, durable - almost indestructible - extruded, rigid plastic cores. They are created using our specially engineered plastic material, our proprietary tooling and technology, and our specialized manufacturing process. These unique plastic cores are extremely resistant to impact damage, collapse and crush. Not only are they moisture resistant, they are waterproof. They are also resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

    We have the capabilities to create custom cores from 1/2" ID all the way up to 8" ID, in almost any wall thickness, color or length that you require. In short, we can run practically any core size that you may need. Our DuraCores are used for:

    • Speciality Film Cores
    • Composite Fabric and Fiber Cores
    • Stretch Film Cores
    • Membrane Cores
    • Metallic Foil Cores
    • Plastic Film Cores
    • Food Cores
    • Fabric Cores
    • Tissue Cores
    • Cores for Paper
    • Tape Cores
    • Yarn Cores
    • Medical Cores
    • Clean Room Cores
    • Converting Cores

  • F125L3

    Our exclusive PVConstructables internal and external connector system allows customers to build practically anything. This system coupled with our ability to bend and fabricate pipe lets you produce a completely unique product with minimum tooling.

    We have round external connectors, round internal fit connectors and 1-1/2" square connectors.

    Like all products of Available Plastics, our PVConstructables items are manufactured from our high quality PVC, which means that you get a smooth, furniture-grade finish on all items.

    Try the PVConstructables system. You're only limited by your imagination!

  • Display Worx

    For almost a decade, Available Plastic has custom made banner and graphic hanging frames that have been prominently holding signs and banners in stores and businesses throughout North America. We have now packaged this unique system into modular components that allow all sign and banner printing companies – regardless of size - to make at least 18 completely different sign shapes. This system uses some special hardware plus two standardized sections - 5' straights and 7' 10" curved sections which can be easily and quickly assembled using common shop tools. With this system you get:

    • A TIME PROVEN SYSTEM: For almost 10 years this system has been used to prominently hang round, square, serpentine, arc, oval and straight oval signs and banners in major retail outlets throughout North America. All of these systems were custom made in high volumes by Available Plastics for the large retailers and, until now, they were financially out of reach to most sign shops.
    • A CUSTOM LOOK WITHOUT THE COST OF CUSTOM: For the first time ever, the Display Worx system has been released as a unique, modular system. With this system, YOU can quickly build at least 18 completely different sign shapes including rounds, squares, serpentines, arcs, ovals and straights – ONE AT A TIME - using just a few standardized components.
    • MAKE AN ADDED SALE AND MAKE YOUR BANNERS HANG BETTER: The Display Worx System crisply hangs your signs and banners in three dimensional shapes. The cost of the system is so economical that you may just make more on the hanger than on the banner. The frame system is also reusable, letting you change out the signs to a new image as needed.
    • $100 GETS YOU STARTED WITH ONE OF OUR LOBBY SETS: For just $100 (plus shipping), you can get our special Lobby Set that allows you to prominently display the system to your customers right in your Lobby. With this special set, you can build a 14’ Serpentine, 10’ Half-Circle 7’ Double Arc or 2 single 7’ Arcs! We recommend the half black / half white set so you can show both colors to your customers on the same sign.
    • READY TO BUILD SOME FRAMES? $300 GETS YOU STARTED! We’ve put together and sharply discounted some Starter Kit packages. They have some of everything you need to start making custom sign hanging frames. From this kit you can simply replenish what you’ve used. For just $300 (plus shipping), you’re set to go

  • Skid_of_pipe-copy

    How much time do you or your installers waste on:

    • Pipe with pinholes?
    • Contaminates causing roughness inside or outside the pipe?
    • Fittings falling off one time and having to be hammered on the next?
    • Pipe that cracks easily?
    • Pipe with thin or uneven walls?
    • Cemented fittings coming apart from pipe?
    • Attic heat causing the pipe to sag?
    • Having to sort the vacuum pipe because one lot is good and the next is bad?

    Why choose FlowMax Gold - Premium Central Vacuum Pipe?
    Much of the vacuum pipe on the market is made from ground up plastic scrap products and other recycled plastics. This scrap often contains metal, dirt and other contamination as well as foreign, non-PVC plastics that have no business being in vacuum pipe. By it's nature, this ground up scrap can cause pin holes, rough surfaces where the foreign contamination comes through, poor glue joints where the PVC cement can't melt non-PVC materials and varying walls as the density of the scrap going into the extruder varies.

    Our FlowMax Gold, on the other hand, is made only of 100 percent pure virgin PVC powder. This means no scrap, no added materials and no possibility of contamination. Using our high-quality PVC powder and our proprietary precision extrusion tooling, we produce a vacuum pipe that installers can instantly tell is superior. You get a pure PVC pipe with uniform walls that fit and glue to your fittings like a dream - every time.

    Try our Socket End Vacuum Pipe:
    Socket End FlowMax Gold is an API innovation. We make a specially designed socket formed on one end of the pipe that has a two-inch depth. This socket provides a superior area for a sturdy bond between the FlowMax Gold pieces.

    Armed with just one 5 foot box of our Socket End pipe and a can of PVC cement, you can make a vacuum tube that is almost to 120 foot long. This is especially helpful when you’re working in tight areas like an attic or crawl space. While this product isn’t for every application, we’ve already had one installer that stopped buying our 8’ pipe and is only using the Socket End Smart Pack for the sheer convenience of it.

  • logos-wetstuff

    Our Patio, Pool & Spa products are great looking and long lasting. These products are made in the USA with Furniture Grade PVC. They are easy to clean, UV stable and resistant to fading and pool chemicals.

    Available Plastics does not sell directly to the public. Click on the links below to connect to some of the fine companies that sell our products: