This is our top of the line Furniture Pipe made with two completely unique grades of Furniture PVC materials.  A strong, engineering grade of Furniture PVC is used for the core of the pipe.  This engineered grade core PVC is inseparably fused at a molecular level to an extremely expensive, ultra premium Furniture Grade PVC outer layer using our proprietary Co-extrusion tooling and technical know-how.  This unique Furniture Pipe provides a tough pipe with clearly superior surface finish and color richness.   While slightly more expensive than our other grades, it is the industry's high water mark for Furniture Pipe and is the pipe that is used on much of North America's premium PVC Furniture. This pipe works with all of our 1-1/2" External Round Connectors.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1.90”

Wall Thickness

N/A 0.105”


N/A 5'

Stock Product

N/A Yes

Outdoor Color Stability

N/A Superior

Lbs. / Ft

N/A 0.37


N/A White


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