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For almost a decade, Available Plastics has custom made banner and graphic hanging frames that have been prominently holding signs and banners in stores and businesses throughout North America. We have now packaged this unique system into modular components that allow all sign and banner printing companies – regardless of size - to make at least 18 completely different sign shapes. This system uses some special hardware plus two standardized sections - 5' straights and 7' 10" curved sections which can be easily and quickly assembled using common shop tools. With this system you get:
  • A TIME PROVEN SYSTEM: For almost 10 years this system has been used to prominently hang round, square, serpentine, arc, oval and straight oval signs and banners in major retail outlets throughout North America. All of these systems were custom made in high volumes by Available Plastics for the large retailers and, until now, they were financially out of reach to most sign shops.
  • A CUSTOM LOOK WITHOUT THE COST OF CUSTOM: For the first time ever, the Display Worx system has been released as a unique, modular system. With this system, YOU can quickly build at least 18 completely different sign shapes including rounds, squares, serpentines, arcs, ovals and straights – ONE AT A TIME - using just a few standardized components.
  • MAKE AN ADDED SALE AND MAKE YOUR BANNERS HANG BETTER: The Display Worx System crisply hangs your signs and banners in three dimensional shapes. The cost of the system is so economical that you may just make more on the hanger than on the banner. The frame system is also reusable, letting you change out the signs to a new image as needed.
  • GET STARTED VERY INEXPENSIVLY WITH ONE OF OUR LOBBY SETS: For a nominal cost, you can get our special Lobby Set that allows you to prominently display the system to your customers right in your Lobby. With this special set, you can build a 14’ Serpentine, 10’ Half-Circle 7’ Double Arc or 2 single 7’ Arcs! We recommend the half black / half white set so you can show both colors to your customers on the same sign.
  • READY TO BUILD SOME FRAMES? OUR STARTER SET GETS YOU GOING! We’ve put together a Starter Kit package that has some of everything you need to start making custom sign hanging frames. From this kit you can simply replenish what you’ve used. For a minimal cost, you are all set to go!
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