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This special set lets you build one of four different Display Worx banners shapes to hang in your lobby for a very small cost. It is available in all black, all white or half black and half white (our recommendation). It gives you enough components to build a 14’ Serpentine, a 10’ Semi-Circle, a Double Arc or two Single Arcs. This gives you something to show your customers when they come in. When you get an order, order the Starter Kit Special and as you consume the various components, you can simply reorder just the ones that you need “a la carte”.

To order our Modular Display Worx system and components, please visit our Distrubutor U.S. Plastic at  U.S. Plastic / Available Plastics  
For technical assistance or other inquires, including manufacturing or custom made products, please contact Available Plastics using the “Request Information” button or by calling us at (800) 633-7212. 
Proudly manufactured in the USA by Available Plastics! 

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