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Product Catalog

  • Industry Standard Pipe and Tubes

    Available Plastics can produce your rigid PVC plastic pipe and tube to the following standards:

    • SCH-40
    • SCH-80
    • SDR 17
    • SDR 21
    • SDR26
    • SDR 32.5
    • SDR 41

    Plus many other ASTM and industry specifications. Because of the wide range of pipe and tube we make, most of our product is produced to order and not stocked. Our turnaround time is very fast!

  • Custom-Pipe-and-Tube

    Available Plastics is a custom rigid PVC Extrusion Company that can make virtually any size pipe, tube or profile that you need. We have a huge amount of existing PVC pipe and tube tooling and can literally produce tens of thousands of custom sizes without any tooling cost to you. We custom manufacture:

    • Inside diameters
    • Outside Diameters
    • Wall Thicknesses
    • Weatherable, UV Resistant Exteriors
    • Lengths
    • Thin & Thick Wall
    • Custom Shapes, Colors & Fabrication
    • Print & No-Print Lines
    • Co-extruded Capping

    Because of the wide range of pipe and tube we make, most of our product is produced to order and not sticked. Our turnaround time is very fast!

    Whether you need a part that can be produced off of one of our existing tools or require something completely new, email us your requirements, send us a fax or just give us a call!

    We can quickly react and custom produce PVC pipe and tube to your specifications using our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, our superior PVC materials and our 28 years of industry experience.

  • P22-Home-Page-Furniture-Grade-Combo-Shot

    For more than 30 years API has manufactured the high quality Furniture Grade PVC pipe and connectors that have been widely used throughout North America in the finest PVC Furniture and in countless other great products. All of our furniture pipe is noted for its smooth surface and exceptionally uniform color. API makes three distinct grades of furniture pipe to suit your application. From our top of the line Co-Ex furniture pipe that is the industry standard for the best furniture pipe available through to our workhorse grade of Furniture Pipe, we have a Furniture pipe that will meet your needs and price point. API does not manufacture PVC pipe furniture.

  • Custom Extrusion Profiles

    If you need a custom fluted column, angled, slotted round and square profiles, give us a call. We build custom extrusion and fabrication tooling for our customers' products all the time.

    While we can't show many of the custom profiles that we have made for our customers in order to protect their confidentiality, below are some examples of ones that we can show: