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Product Catalog

  • P24-Furniture-Grade-Round-Shot

    For more than 30 years API has manufactured our high quality Furniture Grade PVC pipe and connectors that have been widely used throughout North America in the finest PVC Furniture and in countless other great products. All of our furniture pipe is noted for its smooth surface and exceptionally uniform color. API makes three distinct grades of furniture pipe to suit your application. From our top of the line Co-Ex furniture pipe that is the industry standard for the best furniture pipe available through to our workhorse grade of Furniture Pipe, we have a Furniture pipe that will meet your needs and price point

  • P25-Furniture-Grade-Square-Shot

    We run a large variety of squares. Because most of the requests we get for these products have something custom about them, we produce them to order. Our turnaround time is very fast. If the square size that you need isn’t listed, please contact us. If the tooling we have can’t make the size that you need, we can quickly and economically make the tooling to produce it.

  • P23-Furniture-Grade-Graphic-Profile-Shot

    Our round and square Graphic Profiles have an extruded in, open interior channel that accepts a metal “V – Clip”. This V-Clip is used to hang the sign or banner frame from the ceiling. These profiles are a key part of our Display Worx Banner Hanging System. The round Graphic Profile has the same outside diameter as our standard 1-1/4” pipe and thus works with all of the corresponding external connectors in our PVConstructables Plastic Tube and Connector System. This means that you make a completely unique display by mixing and matching this Graphic Pipe with PVConstructables components.