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This is a custom part that is currently only run to order and not stocked.  


Available Plastics does not sell directly to the public.  To order other API manufactured products for your projects, please visit our retail distributor U.S. Plastic at  U.S. Plastic / Available Plastics 


For technical assistance or other inquires, including manufacturing or custom made products, please contact Available Plastics using the “Request Information” button or by calling us at (800) 633-7212. 


Proudly manufactured in the USA by Available Plastics! 

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Stock Product

Outdoor Color Stability



21WH010150ISMHC N/A White N/A 450 N/A No N/A Superior N/A 42 N/A 28
21BL010150ISMHC N/A Black N/A 450 N/A No N/A Call us to discuss your application. N/A 42 N/A 28
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