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Product Catalog

If you need a custom fluted column, angled, slotted round and square profiles, give us a call. We build custom extrusion and fabrication tooling for our customers' products all the time.

While we can't show many of the custom profiles that we have made for our customers in order to protect their confidentiality, below are some examples of ones that we can show:
Unit of Measure
Custom Extrusion Profile Examples
Custom 3" Square Tube

Custom 5" by 6" Rectangular Tube

Dimpled Custom Extrusion Profile

Double Legged Straight Connector

Dual Leg L Profile

Flange Top- 1.5" Square

Fluted 4" Tube

Hollow C Profile

Hollow U Profile

Silver Metalic Hollow D Profile

Slotted Custom 4" Pipe

Slotted D Profile

Thick Walled L

Tri-Lobbed Hollow Extrusion