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Product Catalog

With our fast changeover packout line, we can combine our extruded, injection molded or fabricated components with customer-supplied materials like hardware or instruction sheets. All of the items are packed into a finished, consumer-grade box -- all at incredible speed.

In addtion to our bending and forming skills, we can do most any fabrication for your products including:
  • Routing
  • Flush pipe threads
  • Pipe threading
  • Pipe tapping
  • Drilling
  • Gluing
  • Slotting
  • Swaging
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

This is just a short list of a few of the secondary operations that we do. Even if you don't see the secondary operation that you are looking for, give us a call. We'd be glad to have a look at what you need.
Unit of Measure
Finished Product Examples
1.66" OD Formed Trap

1.90" OD Sch 80 Coiled to an 18" Diameter

2" Pipe Formed to an Oval Between Ends

6" Pipe with 1.25" Diameter Holes

Adjustable Telescoping Tube with Spring Loaded Button

Angle Cut on Large Diameter Pipe

Bent 2.25" OD Thin Walled Tube

Bent 840 OD Cranberry Colored Tube

Bent-Profile-with Holes

C-Clip Profile over a 1.66" OD Pipe

Circumferential Groove Around Pipe

Coiled 5" OD Tube wiith Square Socket End

Cone Shaped Flared End on a 2.375" OD Tube

Custom Routed Patterns in a 4" Square

Dimpled Custom Extrusion Profile

Double Ended Fabricated Socket

Flared Tube with Rounded End Shape

Flattened End on 2.275" OD Tube

Fluted Pipe with Long Socket on End

Formed 2" OD Weatherable PVC

Formed .840" OD Green Tube

Formed Boss in 1.66" OD Pipe

Formed Square Ring with Socket End Connections

Formed Threaded Boss

Internal and External Flush Threads on 4" Pipe

Pillar with Futes

Quad 45° Sweeps with Sockets

Rectangular Socket Formed on Square Tube

Routed Hole Pattern Along Length of Pipe

Slot Pattern in Square Duct

Slotted Custom 4" Pipe

Slotted D Profile

Slotted Oval Hole Pattern

Socket End Tubes Connected with Bungee Cord

Square 1" Tube with End Retaining Slots

Tube with Rivets