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DuraCores are extremely tough, durable - almost indestructible - extruded, rigid plastic cores. They are created using our specially engineered plastic material, our proprietary tooling and technology, and our specialized manufacturing process. These unique plastic cores are extremely resistant to impact damage, collapse and crush. Not only are they moisture resistant, they are waterproof. They are also resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

We have the capabilities to create custom cores from 1/2" ID all the way up to 8" ID, in almost any wall thickness, color or length that you require. In short, we can run practically any core size that you may need. Our DuraCores are used for:
  • Speciality Film Cores
  • Composite Fabric and Fiber Cores
  • Stretch Film Cores
  • Membrane Cores
  • Metallic Foil Cores
  • Plastic Film Cores
  • Food Cores
  • Fabric Cores
  • Tissue Cores
  • Cores for Paper
  • Tape Cores
  • Yarn Cores
  • Medical Cores
  • Clean Room Cores
  • Converting Cores
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Long Life, Reusable Cores

N/A Our customers continue to tell us about the jaw dropping performance and lifespan that their DuraCores are achieving. Not only have they performed well in tough applications that may have destroyed a competitor's paper core or plastic core in one or two uses, many of our customers are getting a 100+ reuses and years of performance from each core. A relatively expensive $15 DuraCore being used 100 times costs only $.15 / use!

Huge Range of Core Sizes

We have in-house tooling to produce one of the industry's largest size range of plastic cores. We go from the very tiniest of diameters to 8" inside diameter. We can run wall thicknesses that can match the demand of virtually any situation. If your application happens to require a custom size tooling, we can easily custom make tooling to give you exactly what you need.

Tight tolerances, precision length cutting, specialized operations like end notching and chamfering

Our DuraCores are run to consistent tight tolerances and are precision cut to your exact length requirements with a smooth, burr free cut. Whether you need the ends chamfered, end notches to match up with the keys in your equipment or some other special requirement, just let us know. We can run your DuraCores in different colors to allow you to sort the cores by length or to use color to identify the material on the cores.

Medical and Clean Room Cores

If you need a medical or clean room quality core packaged to an extremely tight cleanliness spec, just let us know. Our DuraCores are currently used in medical room applications

Comparison of DuraCores to other Plastics

Not all rigid plastic cores are the same. Our DuraCores are made from a specialized engineered plastic material. We routinely get calls from customers having problems using other suppliers' plastic cores. Whether you are using HDPE, styrene, ABS or paper you need to give DuraCores a try. The results have been very impressive! Give us a call!

Going form a Paper Core or Paper Tube to a Plastic Core

Our DuraCores are not only moisture resistant, they are waterproof. They are seamless, don't "dog ear" and produce almost negligible dust compared to paper cores. They are tough as nails. Even at half the wall thickness many of our DuraCores are getting 100+ reuses, netting out at a fraction of the cost of paper, not to mention the saving in disposal and freight costs! If you are currently using paper cores, paper tubes, cardboard cores or fiber cores, please give us a call. We may be able to reduce your operating costs and put money straight to your bottom line.

Superior Impact Strength Core

We have impact tested DuraCores against comparable ABS cores, styrene cores, HIPS cores, HDPE cores and paper cores. Not one has come close to the impact strength of DuraCores.

Superior Crush Strength Core

DuraCore's superior crush strength reduces the chance of your product being damaged by a crushed or "dog boned" core. Even wound with with biaxially stretched plastic film that acts like a boa constrictor on the DuraCores, we have customers getting 100+ reuses.

Moisture-Proof and Waterproof Cores

N/A DuraCores are virtually impervious to water, moisture and humidity. You can even store them underwater.

Low Dust Cores

Our DuraCores have been extensively used in the manufacture of medical films and for other sensitive roll films and materials. They do not generate contaminating particles or dust like paper cores.

Chemical-Resistant Cores

The plastic material we use for our DuraCores has superior resistance to most chemicals and solvents, some of which may be used in your manufacturing process.

Long, long life Cores

While the life of any DuraCore will depend on the severity of the application and the maintenance and alignment of the equipment that they are being run on, much to our dismay, DuraCores last an awful long time. Some have lasted years and hundreds of reuses and are still going. We can safely say that more of our DuraCores are murdered by something external to the use like being run over by a forklift than ever die a natural death!

Superior Core ends

DuraCores are made of a solid wall of our specially engineered plastic material and not layers of paper. There are no paper "dog ears", fraying or worn ends to contaminate your product or reduce the core life.

Colored Cores for Length Sorting or Product Identification

We can provide you colored cores in a variety of colors to allow you to identify cores by length for easy sorting for reuse. Alternatively, you can use colored cores to identify the product wound on them.

Cost Saving Cores

Apart from the reduced amount damage to your good product when a core fails, the large number of reuses that a typical DuraCore gets means that the cost per use is usually just pennies. Warehouse and transportation costs of constantly bringing in more low-use cores and the transportation and disposal costs to get rid of failed cores also nibbles at your bottom line.

How does the DuraCore material compare to other plastics such as HDPE, styrene or ABS?

Our customers have used our DuraCores to replace their HDPE, styrene and ABS cores simply because of better performance on many fronts. Their other plastic cores are failing prematurely. Some of them are cracking easily, which often ruins the product. Others are getting out of round (egg shaped), and some are being degraded by common manufacturing fluids, chemicals, etc.

Can you make DuraCores in special sizes and lengths?

Absolutely. We do it every day. Available Plastics has a massive inventory of tooling to make cores and can run an almost infinite range of core sizes and lengths. If by chance we don't have tooling for the particular core size that you need, we can inexpensively make the tooling.

How long will DuraCores last?

The short answer: Usually for a very long time. The useable life of a DuraCore is really dependent on two key factors: the wall thickness and the winding tension. We have customers who have gotten literally years of service and hundreds of turns out of a single DuraCore. We can safely say that more of our DuraCores are murdered by something external to the use like being run over by a forklift than ever die a natural death!

Are DuraCores more cost-effective than paper cores?

DuraCores are most cost-effective when used repeatedly. For one-time use, the cost of a DuraCore, while close to the price of a traditional paper core, is usually not less expensive. When reduced landfill costs, greater protection of expensive materials and other factors are considered, DuraCores are a great value.

How thick does a DuraCore need to be?

We typically start with a DuraCore wall thickness of one-half of the thickness of paper cores. Even at a reduced thickness, we have found that the crushing strength is usually better than that of the thicker paper cores. Before ordering production quantities, we prefer our Customers to do a trial run with a small quantity of DuraCores at the chosen wall thickness. This will let them verify that a particular wall thickness will work for their specific application.

Are there stock sizes of DuraCores?

Yes and no. We have common OD and ID sizes of DuraCores that we run all the time, but nearly all of our customers require cores of different lengths and colors. As a result, we usually run each order of DuraCores as they are received and produce them to the exact length and quantities our customers specify.

DuraCore Common Sizes

For us, there really is no such thing as a stock plastic core because each application requires something slightly different. This means that we carry some stock of the commonly used DuraCores, but we usually produce to order specifications. We have the capability of running custom orders very quickly. We manufacture plastic DuraCores from 1/2" ID and up, at almost any wall thickness, and almost any length. In short, we can run practically any core size that you may need.

Nominal Core SizeIDWall ThicknessOD

Please contact us for any of your core requirements, even if the core that you need is not in this range. Call us for a sample or a quote!

Custom made Plastic Core Sizes

While we have several common sizes of DuraCores that we run all the time, we have the tooling and the capabilities to economically or produce custom DuraCore sizes from 1/2" ID to 12" ID.

If we don't have the exact tooling to make your unique size DuraCore we can quickly and economically have the tooling made to it.

Please contact us and we will gladly discuss your specific needs.

DuraCore Customer Comments

"These cores just won't die!"

"They've dramatically reduced damaged product loss."

"Our landfill and dumpster costs from scrapped cores have gone away to almost nothing."

"Our annual operational cost for replacement cores has almost disappeared."

"A worker accidentally knocked an empty DuraCore™ from a second story platform in our plant. Everyone below cringed as the DuraCore™ hit the concrete floor. It bounced about 10 feet in the air after the first impact. When it came to rest, we inspected it for damage. There wasn't a mark or a dent anywhere on the DuraCore™, so we put it back into production, and we're still using it today."